More Power Driving

I found out this morning that another group of Storm Chasers were staying at my hotel in Rapid City. Looked like it was a recreational trip. The guy in charge was taking some customers out to look at storms. Apparently South Dakota and Wyoming is the hot spot for the next few days. I snapped a picture of their vans, but will hold off on posting them until a later date.

After checking out of the hotel, I visited the weather office in Rapid City. Todays video is a pan of the view from that office. Lucky chaps.

I then headed to the campus. Nice little luxury, you can run down the hill from the NWS forecast office, to the nearest Tech school. That college is South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Which just so happens to be where I received my MS degree in Atmospheric Science. The Atmospheric Dept. was moved from the classic Mclaury building, to the Mining/Geology building. I don’t like the move, and I don’t think the current professors and students like it either.

I snapped a picture of the house I stayed at during the 1990/91 school year (click on thumb). Everyone needs a shit-hole rental place during their college life. This was mine. As you can see, it hasn’t been painted since I lived there. Well, except for those blotches that were painted. Those spots that were painted were probably a mistake. The nearby Idlewood Inn (with special hourly rates) was being painted during todays visit. Coincidently, the same exact color as those blotches seen on my old place. I’m thinkin’ that the painters hired to paint the Idlewood Inn, accidentally started to paint my old place. If that is true, that is comedy gold.

Mr. Stump still owns this shit-hole rental house. He had just purchased this property about a year before I set up home there. He has a sign making business set up in the garage. You would think with his painting skills, he would do a better job of keeping up on the painting of his property.

He did do me a big favor while living there. I had gas line freeze in the K-Wagon (1981 Dodge Aries Wagon). He let me push it into his shop, then he turned on the heat to let it thaw out. I was able to start it up the next morning and drive to the Twin Cities for my Christmas vacation.

I need to wrap up this post, cause it is way past my bed time. So to conclude, I then hopped in the Zoyx Tornado Interceptor Vehicle (TIV), and drove straight back to my Little Canada Condo. The only aggravation was the strong headwind I had to fight while driving across South Dakota. When I am driving to the east, I want that prevailing west wind to push me, not some fluky east headwind.

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