Okay, so I go to Grandma’s Marathon again

I did the same routine that I did last year for Grandma’s Marathon. Although this time, parking took shorter because I knew what to expect. I just assumed parking many blocks up the hill was what I had to do, so I did. I then biked the 7.5 miles to the meeting point at mile marker 18 of the marathon. I was bit early, and they were a bit slow this year. I should mention who “they” are. They would be Ris and the Zoyx attorney, Jan (click on thumb picture). I should also mention why they were a bit slow. The cooler by the lake thing wasn’t working today. The southwest winds kept things muggy and warm, slowing things down. Plus the the Zoyx attorney had a gimpy ankle from doing the Edinburgh Scotland Marathon, less than a week ago.

With less than 2 miles left in the race, a downpour gushed on top of us. A real gully washer. We took liberties with the course at this time and took a short-cut. With a downpour and folks not feeling too well, this was a unanimous decision. I turned off my GPS device at the finish line. Here is the motioned-based trace of what I did that morning.

Strangely the beer tent was not serving beer. They were told by the city to stop serving beer because there was a potential for severe weather. They didn’t want the liability associated with beer consumption and severe weather. Right next door, the wine tent was still serving away. They didn’t see any problems. So we had a post race sip of wine, instead of a guzzle of beer.

The walk back to the car was fun. I have 3 glasses of wine in me, and you want me to wander up 10 blocks to the top of Duluth’s hill to my car. Fine. I did this chore, and I did do some sobering up along the way.

Lots of showers and thunderstorms right now. The downpour during the race didn’t have any thunder or lightning that I noticed. The stuff right now is rumbling along, and it is quite dark as I type. At least I am home now.

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