Regained my appetite last night. That is one symptom that has me puzzled. I usually don’t lose my appetite when I get a cold. Everything else seems to indicate cold, so we will call it a cold.

I had enough energy to finish cutting the lawn this morning that I started last Sunday. After I cut the front half early Sunday afternoon, I felt like crap. So I took a nap. I awoke from that nap still feeling lousy. By that evening, I diagnosed myself with a cold (see blog entry).

Spar the Cat enjoyed this illness. After a solid week of living in solitude during my vacation, he had my company for the past 5 days. To show his appreciation, he brought me a gift (click on thumb). To show my appreciation for this gift, I am taking him to the vet to get his shots updated next Tuesday.

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  1. Cold vs. Flu

    According to Dr. Mom, if you run a fever, it’s the flue. If you don’t, it’s a cold. Just thought you might like a scientific means of classifying what ails you.


    1. Re: Cold vs. Flu

      Huh? Well, spiking up to 102 degrees and losing my appetite are two strong arguments for flu. It was a fairly wussy flu compared to the one I had in September, however.

      Oh, by the way, I am at the condo right now. Will be through the 4th.

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