Moved the hot tub into the house last night. Just didn’t like it out in the garage. So it is in the basement spare bedroom. Some stats. It took about an hour and half for the water to flow out of the hot tub (via garden hose siphon). Took about 40 minutes to fill back up. The entire move took up about 3 hours. Takes 30 hours for the 52 degree tap water to heat up to 100 degrees. Hot tub should be ready for me to take dip in tomorrow morning.

I did a 10k run today on the path that is along the Minnesota River today. It was a sunny 40 degree day today. I should probably mention that I walked about 0.7 miles of this run. For some reason, I get this tired head when I run. This narcoleptic feeling hit soon after the 5k mark. So I had to walk for a bit. I think it has something to do with me not breathing hard enough, so my brain gets oxygen starved. When running, I get swallowed up by my thoughts. I then get the ultimate in tunnel vision where I am almost oblivious to my surroundings. My breathing isn’t deep enough in this meditative state. So I get the sleepiness sensation. Kind of weird, huh.

I had a hack idea for the Atari 2600 version of Joust. I made a forum post in the appropriate forum at Atari Age. I even included my own Photoshop of what I think the game would look like in that post. Seems like it would be a fun game. Won’t know until the game is actually made.

In the previous blog post, the article mentioned is about collectors of classic games. Well, there is local guy getting out of the collecting business, and all his games are for sale. He didn’t lose the love for collecting, just a nasty divorce forcing his hand. You can read the not so fun details, and a link to the Ebay auctions in this newsgroup post. I am very tempted to buy one or two up, but I just don’t think this is the hobby for me. I have three games, and I just don’t play them enough to make it worth while. Plus these games swallow up a lot of space.

There has been some positive movement on the sale of my Condo. Can’t make anymore comments beyond that. Especially since nothings been signed.

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