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It is currently raining and 41 degrees at the Zoyx Compound. Let me double-check that calender… yep, December 30th. Thanks El Nino! We might get a few inches of snow Sunday night out of this system.

I am installing Linux on to a co-workers spare computer. I was thinking that Linux used less resources compared to your Windows. Not the case, evidently. The LiveCD for Ubunto did not like having only 192 MB to play with. An install of Fedora Core 6 was very sluggish as well. I had a spare 512 MB stick of DDR memory and slipped it into his box. Much better. I am installing Ubuntu over the initial install of Fedora as I type. One thing I’ll give Ubuntu is that it looks pretty, and orange. Much like a Hooter girl. Just there, I was trying to do a tie-in with today’s picture. Thats the best I can do.

I ran 4 miles today. This little run was the kick-off to lose weight. The new years resolution is to lose 30 pounds before the 25th high school reunion in August. I currently weigh 215 pounds…185 pounds would be at about my graduation weight. When I was 17 years old and weighing 185, I was overweight. Even though I was at my final height (6′ 0″), I hadn’t fully developed my bone structure at that stage of my life. The 185 pound mark is about ideal for me now.

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