On a Nice Day

I managed to sleep 8.5 hours straight through, no interruptions, last night. Doesn’t appear it was a restless sleep either. Considering I only had 3 hours of sleep the day before, made this sleep, all the more appreciated.

My wireless connection reaches to the end of the dock. Now I need to make sure the laptop doesn’t fall into the water.

Haven’t found a car I want. Still looking at the Volkswagon TDI vehicles. Probably pull the trigger on buying a car soon.

Fire pit has been dug. I have the wiener sticks ready for that camp fire. Mmmm… wieners.

Neat video. Silly song. Kylie Minogue is only 4 years younger than me. I am sure she has had plenty of help over the years, but she is looking pretty darn good.

On a Nice Day.

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