Fucking Dog

I jog the neighborhood fairly regularly. There is a dog (border collie size) that always races around the yard when I jog by, barking at me. Today, the invisible fence that keeps him in the yard was down. So he came after me. I stopped jogging and started walking, but he kept following me. He would charge and bark within inches of my achilles tendon. He kept following me, even though I was now a couple houses away from his house. I finally had enough. On one of his charges, I turned around and started chasing him. Partly because of my rage, I lost coordination, fell down and skinned my palm and knee. I’m sure this scene would of made a good YouTube video. The dog did get the hint, and scurried back to his house. He then proceeded to resume barking at me. I resumed jogging.

One final note, the house that this dog calls home is for sale. Here is a helpful hint that you won’t see on HGTV. If you are trying to sell a house, especially in a buyer’s market, don’t have a barking dog with a mean streak as your greeter.

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