First Data Set Is In

I filled up after my first half tank of fuel. My Jetta Wagon TDI only got 37 mpg. Very disappointing. I then checked the tires because one of them looked low. All of them were low… about 10-15 psi each. So now I have gone through nearly an entire tank. I went 555 miles on 13.6 gallons of diesel. So I was close to 41 mpg. That is an acceptable number.

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  1. I hope you noticed it was a diesel. The gasoline based Jetta wagon will be in the 20s for MPG.

    Diesels have their special needs. The big one being in the winter. Diesel likes to gel up in your fuel line when it gets cold. Car doesn’t go very far if there is no fuel flow. Need to either heat the fuel line or make sure that you have the winter mix, that doesn’t gel as easily with colder temperatures.

    Maintenance for diesels, and Volkswagons in general, is fairly expensive. I will probably lose most or all of my fuel savings with maintenance.

    But still, the car is a kick to drive. Ownership has been fun so far.

    Yep, I know about keeping the tires filled. I try and heed the words of the Andrettis when they spread the gospel about maintaining tire pressure.

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