Mike Hanson: I know this guy. I have been to parties where Mike Hanson was also a guest. He is a piece of work. This story is just another example. People like Mike seem to attract these kinds of things. The article is fairly tame, but to see the true character of Mike, watch the video. As far as what he’ll do with that money… probably invest it in some far-flung dream.

Winter Prep: I am in the process of winterizing. I brought the car into the VW dealership, and had them do the 40k mile work, even though it was only at the 38k mark. I had them slap on new tires up front, so I would have better winter traction. I have started adding an anti-gel to the diesel at fill-up.

Other winterizing activities include, taking out the battery out of the riding lawn mower. Stock up on firewood. Started burning the pallets that the previous owner left behind. Painting the decking in front of the basement walk out. Placing markers around my driveway so I know where to drive the snowblower. Bring in the rain gages. Had the furnace cleaned and tuned.

LAN Party Debrief: As advertised, we played Quake 2 all day yesterday. No, I didn’t wear a wet suit or a space diaper. I know you had your hopes up.

Eight people showed up for this basement party. I’m always amazed how fast time passes when gaming. I arrived at 10:30 AM. Set up and started playing. In what seemed like just a few hours, it was suddenly 5:30 PM. When you are in “the flow”, this is how time moves.

I left at around 10 PM. I had a sick tummy from all of the chips and other junk I ate during the day. Resulted in some insomnia at 4 AM. Watched the movie, “Payback” on TBS, while my abdomen settled down.

Sciatic Nerve: My back is still fine. According to my chiropractor, it is my sciatic nerve in my right leg that is the problem. Something in my right hip is agitating the nerve resulting in some discomfort. This also prevented me from sleeping last night. The chiropractor gave me some stretches to do to help relieve the pain. Doesn’t seem to help a whole lot.

I took ten days off from jogging when the back problems were at their worse. Since then, I am only doing two or three jogs a week. This is down from 5 or 6 jogs per week before all of these problems appeared. I have also slowed down… 8:30 to 9:00 minute per mile pace.

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  1. Your back

    A friend at work started having back problems. He went to a sports Dr. and the doc told him that his gate was all wrong and that that was the problem. He changed the way he ran and quit having problems. Something to think about.

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