Color Experiments

Most shows on HGTV preach to their audience to not be afraid of color. So I experimented with color in the basement. What added to my bravery is the extreme use of brown, beige and more brown by the previous owner. The first thought that comes to mind went entering my house is poo.

This is the before picture of the south side of my basement, and here is the after picture. Since pictures I take have problems with color, the after picture has a grass green with blue striped curtains for the right side of the picture, and the left side has a cream for the trim with black on the wall. The green might be too much, but it definitely brightens and cheers up the basement. Initially I was going to go green for all of the trim. But I added the cream because the green was so overwhelming. The black on the back wall was lots of fun. Really pleased with that.

The thumb picture with this post is the other half of the room. I painted the fireplace mantle cream as well. The projector screen (painted 4′ x4′ sheet of plywood) is held up with “industrial” velcro. This covers up the hole that used to have the wagon wheel in it (you can see the wagon wheel in this old picture). Painted the trim around the screen black.

So the de-browning of the house will continue. The upstairs will be the next target. I plan on painting the kitchen cabinets into some other color than brown-simulated-wood-grain. The laminate counter tops are a beige, they should be replaced with a nice granite. The dirty beige carpeting in the living room will be replaced as well. I am thinking of painting the white walls in the living room a regal red of some sort. The wall between the kitchen and living room will disappear all together. I am hoping that this renovation will get done this winter.

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