Metro Driving

The local paper took a peek at problems of driving around the Twin Cities metro. This would be the video that the Strib’s Roadguy put together. He doesn’t mention the dangers that construction sites present. When I was at the Little Canada Condo, they were working on the ramp that took you from Little Canada Road, onto I-35E going north. There was next to no acceleration lane. You had to be up to speed and in line to merge into an empty spot, before you reached the interstate. There was no shoulder to bail out into, just a hard concrete barrier right next to the road. Very scary. So scary, that after doing this maneuver twice, I began taking back roads in order to get past this hazard. All is fixed now at this intersection, thankfully.

Not all hazards are on the road. The sidewalk presents its hazards. James Lileks walks you through the hazards of walking in the cities. A nightmare!

A personal note. I finally made an appointment with an orthopedist. He will have a look at my crooked pelvis. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen until the 27th. Besides the nudging of my brother and the scare tactics by the Zoyx Physician, what convinced me to call an orthopedist was one of the managers at work.  He’s a runner also. He described his past problems, and they sounded almost identical to mine.  At the time, he was pounding the Advil like I am right now.  He said to call an orthopedist… to get the pelvis looked at. He also recommended that I keep seeing the chiropractor.  This guy, after getting things corrected, is back to running marathons without having to hit the Advil.  I’m guessing he is around 50 years old.  I don’t think he was inspirational, but he gave me some hope.

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