Role Your Own Music Video

Looks like it was 5 months ago when I made my own homebrew music video. I took the song, “The Storm” by Front line Assembly, then plugged in some effects and public domain videos into BeatHarness, and then let Camtasia capture the result. Looks like it was well received. A fun little project.

Now there is a site that simplifies the process. That site would be Animoto. Just plug in some of your favorite pictures, add a sound track, and let the site take care of the rest. Here was my attempt. If you don’t pay anything, you are cut-off at 30 seconds. You have to lay the money down for a full-length video.

The results tend to have a similar look to other videos made by this site. But they promise to add features, so hopefully more customization features will be added.

Speaking of customizing your videos… you can now add that much needed pizazz to that video conference. You need to get YouCam. While you gossip with your friend or foe, you can add little birdies, balloons, kissy lips, etc. to your webcast. One word for this… cute.

Update: I hit the remix button… this is another version.

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