Painting: I painted the basement pooper and the living room over the past week.

The theme was blue with the downstairs bathroom. Besides the paint, I laid down blue carpeting over the tile. I don’t have the luxury of in-floor heating, so carpeting is the next best thing for keeping the tootsies warm. Just have to be extra careful with the pee splatter.

The thumb image is the living room in lovely blood red. Actually the color I asked for was magenta, which is supposed to have a purply hue to it. Looks rather bloody in that picture, though. I might as well go with it and complete that blood/vomit motif that I was going to do in the Little Canada condo. So I am going to hunt for an appropriate color for the trim… a bile green. Make sure that the new window treatments match! Oh, and why not install micro-pumps into the walls and at the click of a remote, have blood drip down the walls. Make that real blood, with an anti-coagulating additive so the flow is extra creamy.

Lap-Board: I would like to have my laptop on my lap, a simple request. Unfortunately, the new laptop I have has high-end desktop components in it, so it is very uncomfortable. Maybe I am a wuss… I should man-up and take the second degree burns without a whimper.

All right, l made my own lap board. So this is how it was made. I took a slab of 1/4 inch plywood, and cut it down to a size so that my laptop and a full-sized mouse would fit comfortably. Took a rotary sander with 100 grit paper and sanded down the surface, and smoothed the edges. Then I slapped on two coats of black paint. After that dried, I took a rag, and lathered up some green paint, and streaked the top surface. The next step was to take some water based urethane ($2 special for a spray can at Lowes, glorious) and spray it on both sides. Very liberal with this, I did three coats of urethane. To smooth it off, I hand wiped 400 grit sand paper for a slippery mousing surface.

So how do I expand this idea so I can mass produce these and make a gazillion dollars? Time for bullets for your listing benefit.

  • Put a hinge in the center so it folds neatly into your notebook carrying case. Now, The board can also be used as a self-defense nun-chuck.
  • More colors! Visit a bowling alley and look at the rental balls for eye-catching color combinations.
  • Sparkles added to the Urethane. Shiny glitter helps optical mice track better. At least thats what I am going to tell potential customers.
  • A catchy name. Ah damn it! Lapinator has already been taken.
  • Develop a need. Somehow impress upon the population that their life is an empty hole, unless they buy my lap board.

    Laptop Support: One of the problems with laptops is that you can’t install the generic drivers that are meant for desktops. Try as I may, the latest Forceware drivers from Nvidia will not install on my Asus laptop. So I have to rely on Asus to hack the Forceware drivers, so they can be installed. Asus hasn’t updated since April. The graphics drivers for Vista from back in April are buggy, and resulted in the occasional BSOD. Through forum browsing, I was lead to These fine folks hack at the drivers so laptop folks can be a little more up to date on their drivers. I found the latest Nvidia forceware drivers with a hacked .inf file, and was able to install them on my laptop. Much faster speeds and no BSODs (yet).

    When I mention that I own an Asus laptop to a non-geek, I get a quizzical look. What is this Asus? They have been around since 1989, mainly making motherboards. They have since expanded into other fields. Recently they have been making stuff for Apple… the widescreen MacBook and Ipod components for some examples. It is in recent years that they have been expanding their brand. The eee PC has been a big hit during this Christmas season.

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