Went to an “Excellence in Leadership” workshop all day today. PowerPoint hell. Did this presentation inspire me to be a leader? No, made the prospect quite depressing. I have no urge to have control over someone else’s life.

The highlight of the day was that this occurred at the Chanhassen Rec Center. During breaks, I was able to go into the empty gym and shoot baskets. Very peaceful. Nothing like the zen of shooting buckets.

During this presentation, I learned I am a Negaholic. That is a fun, made up word! Use it today! To prove that I am negaholic, I will now list my recent disappointments: 1) Not finding someone to install new granite counter-tops for the kitchen. 2) Getting a Mame front-end program to work properly on my Ubuntu computer. 3) Getting my OCR software to work properly.

My life isn’t a total drag, I was able to do some two mile jogs recently, relatively pain free. The pain in my right leg seems to have subsided. Back remains pain free, although it still feels tight.

The other fun thing is the web application I composed seems to have piqued some interest. A national test of the program is proposed to begin by next spring. A software engineer is tweaking it to clean up some of the “hacky” code I left behind. My boss’ persistence paid off. He finally got someone with some influence to look at it. Many thanks!

I have a Facebook account now. Now what do I do? If you know my real name, and you have a facebook account, you should be able to easily “friend” me. My only celebrity friend so far is Leo Laporte. Being a friend in Facebook, does not immediately mean you are friends in real-life. But I think Leo and I should hang out.

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