New Blog: I talked to some folks over at gamespy, IGN, whoever is in charge, and they gave me access to my old planetquake site. This planetquake web site celebrated my Quake 3 modification, Ultra, back in 2001. With this new access, I installed WordPress on that site during this past afternoon. I am all set to start up another blog! Since this blog is being hosted by a video game site, I should probably limit the topics to video games, eh. So without further ado, here is that new blog. Expect changes, first and foremost, a new name.

Infected: One of my favorite video netcasts has been canceled over at Revision 3. That show is Infected with Martin Sargent. Pretty boy Jim Louderback, the new CEO at Revision 3, is the one responsible. As it so happens, Jim is one of my “friends” on Facebook. So I was privy to his status messages yesterday while the shit was going down on Infected. Here is the series of status messages…

  • Jim Louderback is doing morning yoga and yogurt.
  • Jim Louderback is checking through email. Lots of fans of Infected, ha-ha.
  • Jim Louderback is viewing latest Infected episode. Very disturbed by negative energy being released by this show.
  • Jim Louderback is watching very inspirational short movie, FISH! Philosophy. Begin masturbating to this corporate porn.
  • Jim Louderback is typing memo that announces cancellation of Infected show.
  • Jim Louderback is checking e-meter personal reading. Up 1.3%… probably due to purge of the negative body flow stemming from viewing the Infected ‘cast.
  • Jim Louderback is dry humping motivational poster found in break room.
  • Jim Louderback is avoiding sniper fire, probably coming from some disgruntled Infected fan.
  • Jim Louderback is leaving office for a rousing game of racquetball.
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