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Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

07:53 I am using the Dave & Buster mug that we won last night, RIGHT NOW!

08:28 Good news: Taking Javascript online course. Bad news: Course was developed in 1999.

09:50 My new D&B coffee mug promotes drooling.

12:50 "I ate a cheese sandwich"

12:57 The great "cheese sandwich" debate occuring @THErealDVORAK

16:38 Back from the VW dealership. Yep, a sensor, cooling system. Covered by warranty. We cheer!

16:44 Saw my first Smart car on the way to work this morning. Yeah, my car can take it out.

20:25 2 mile jog this evening. Weather was perfect… 61 sunny. My body on the other hand…

20:27 Thinking about installing a light fixture. Anyone want a live cam of me electrocuting myself? I didn’t think so.

20:47 Today’s over-share: The elastic on my new under-roos cuts in. Plus the horizontal stripes make me look fat.

21:25 I used to consider ceiling fans as "quaint". 3 ceiling fans in this house. I now find ceiling fans, "annoying".

21:31 Kitchen ceiling fan – REMOVED!

22:13 Left my mark. Blood stain on the kitchen ceiling. New fixture will cover it up.

22:31 New light fixture – INSTALLED! Earth day related, went from 5 – 40 watt bulbs to 2 – 13 watt CFBs.

22:48 Crisis? Time to Panic? Sure would be swell if our leaders would bring this topic up…

23:11 I really should go to bed, especially since I have to get up at 345 AM. Upon final reflection, I do think I had a good day.

23:14 Still two innings left in the Twins game. Game tied in the 8th. You are on your own boys.

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