ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

04:00 Twin’s Win! I knew they could do it without me.

06:28 Flu bug going around. Good thing I wore my full body condom to work today.

07:06 Can you catch the flu thru the internet?

07:29 She’s lingering…

09:07 Are festering boils a symptom of the flu?

10:15 Prayer for lower gas prices. God’s reply…you got yourself into this mess, you get yourself out.

11:05 Perhaps, madam, you want this after dinner mint. It is wafer-thin.

11:45 Filth is the new home decorating fad…saw it on the Home and Garden channel.

17:58 "I am a government programmed Troll. Think the Bourne Identity but with more Cheetos and Dew and less ass kicking."

20:17 5k run, 8:45 pace. Ran 9 min miles, then pumped it up to 8 min miles for the last half mile. 7:15 pace for the home stretch.

20:44 Then shot baskets. That went well also. Didn’t shoot like I had a brain tumor, like last time.

20:49 I wonder if there is a local dodge ball league?

21:00 See how fun dodge ball can be? Rev3 v. Digg.

22:40 Didn’t do any house work tonight. I’m a bum. Maybe if I set up for the next light fixture now, I’ll do it tomorrow.

23:24 Booo, Twins lose 3-0, even though they out hit the As.

23:30 Best music video with LARP-ing in it, EVER!

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