ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

06:07 Pulled over on the way to work. Cop wanted me to be a drunk going home. Nope, just a half asleep weatherman.

13:46 Retro game is on…

13:52 Oops …

14:29 Upgraded to larger garbage bin. Mainly for throwing away old carpeting.

14:35 Just purchased new 72 pin connector for my classic Nintendo system.

18:58 They did it, they are testing the sirens while storms are moving through. Brilliant!

19:30 Next light fixture swap. This one is tricky, 12 feet up. Fear not, dear reader, for I have great guile. This fixture stands no chance.

19:32 Listening to audio book, Stephen Colbert’s, "I am America, and so can you". Always good to reaffirm one’s patriotism.

19:56 Office light fixture – WITHDRAWN! (hint to young twitterers, a thesaurus can make you look smartly)

20:24 New fixture – WIRED!

20:30 Mitt Romney was once pro-choice, for libertarian, and separation of church and state reasons. Then…

21:07 Remember that tweet where I said the new fixture was wired… I have since rewired 3 times. Fuck-up after fuck-up after…

21:12 Go child free… there is no shame in being a genetic dead end.

21:43 Installation of office light fixture – COMPLETE! …’bout fucking time, too.

21:50 I made a mistake yesterday. THIS is the best LARP-ing music video…

22:00 @THErealDVORAK What is this google, thay you speak?

23:32 Finished Colbert audio book. Colbert is right, books are bad for you.

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2 Replies to “ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts”

  1. Being chid-free doesn’t really mean being a genetic dead-end! Nobody’s genes are unique, and we’re all related, anyway. Cuz.

    What the hell happened to Mitt Romney, then? Did they brainwash him?

    1. The genetic dead end quote was a paraphrase from the Colbert audio book I was listening to at the time. I am trying to remember the context… escapes me.

      Mitt Romney’s position on abortion depends on the office that he is running for. At least that’s what I get from this article.

      I’m actually good with that. Means that he really doesn’t give a rip about the issue. There are far more important issues for our elected officials to worry about. These moral issues are a time and resource hole for the government. Let the churches sort them out.

      Romney is not alone. There is a lot of posing when it comes to religious issues. All three candidates call themselves christian, and preach values, but I doubt governing morality is high on any of their private lists.

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