ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

04:15 Early radar look… raging storms moving through IA and N MO.

05:09 Paper craft fun! Your own paper weighted companion cube…

09:19 Ubuntu 8.04 linux distro has gone gold and is available. Project for me tonight.

09:31 @leolaporte Spam is Twitters biggest problem going into the future. Could be the death of Twitter if not addressed.

09:39 @leolaporte The same reason email-ers spam. It only takes a few folks to bite to make it worth while.

10:28 NSFW. Must visit this site when I get home…

15:30 Muskrat currently on my lawn eating grass. If Spar were still alive, my lawn would be properly protected.

19:27 Started Ubuntu 8.04 bit-torrent download. Only 15 minutes for the live CD.

22:12 Successfully loaded TRS-80 program from cassette tape. And you thought you were having fun on this Friday night.

22:48 My boxing game, my most ambitious TRS-80 program, is alive! After nearly 30 years of dormancy, my creation is ALIVE!

22:51 Now if only this emulator worked under Vista. I should see if it works with Wine in Linux.

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