Highland Grill

Just completed the only social event scheduled for the weekend.. lunch with a friend. We had lunch at the Highland Grill.

I ordered one of the specials of the day, the Swedish pancakes with lingonberry preserves. I have no clue what gave the waiting staff this idea, but apparently they thought I hated the pancakes. First hint of their confusion was when the waitress dropped by and asked what I didn’t like about my meal. Dumbfounded, I answered, they’re fine. I continue to eat. Toward the end I put syrup on because of the sourness of the lingonberry sauce, and don’t completely finish because I’m full. Only nibbles left, but all and all, a good meal.

Manager comes over and starts to quiz me about why I didn’t like the meal. Still confused, I say the pancakes were fine, and that I shouldn’t be quizzed because I am such a picky eater. For those that don’t know me, I am not a “foody”, and I have no right to criticize food. I am now getting embarrassed, because I really am not comfortable being put on the spot like this, especially when I don’t know what initiated it.

The manager gave me a $10 gift certificate for my next visit. Some times being overly conscientious can be annoying.

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  1. highland…

    if i could name one thing i miss about the cities (aside from the plethora of disc golf courses), it’d be the plethora of great breakfast joints(which is a detriment to living in Duluth…there are only a handful))…Keys, Copper Dome, The St Clair, Sunny Side Up…you can literally visit a different two every weekend for a month and not hit ’em all.


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