ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

10:24 Installed Ubuntu 8.04. They still don’t have wireless networking right. I have yet to connect wirelessly. So easy in Windows.

10:40 Snowed last night, nice coating on the grass. Up to a foot over western MN. I’ve used up all of my tirades on this winter.

11:33 Started the Wubi install for Ubuntu on my other laptop. See how that goes.

16:13 Tried to install Ubuntu 8.04 on the main laptop via Wubi. FAIL! Got the error that there wasn’t a root partition defined.

17:42 Posting this from a fresh install of Ubuntu on my desktop computer. Installed via Wubi. Something worked!

18:00 Had enough, can’t play podcasts in Ubuntu, permissions problem. Back to windows.

18:08 Back in Vista. Feels safe and warm here.

18:26 I think Opie learned a thing or two from the teaches of Peaches… Fuck the pain away.

19:36 2 mile run. Snow melted by noon and the sun came out shortly thereafter. Still raw with temp in low 40s and stiff north wind.

20:31 Displacement, boom, euphoria, profit taking, and panic. A recipe for our current economic trouble…

22:54 The 5th of 5 new light fixtures has just been installed. I am AWESOME!!!

22:56 My awesomeness is from wearing my Sunday underwear today. The Sunday underwear has more power, energy… with a touch of additional purity.

22:59 Twitter Shitter!!

23:19 My Twitter spew is only 15,542 (followers x updates). Would be higher if I didn’t block the spammers.

00:31 Jessica doesn’t like the word moist. My over-share? I like moist TP. I feel so hygienic when I my TP is pre-moistened.

00:34 Bed-time! Good thing I warmed up my hyperbaric chamber.

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