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Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

10:49 Sunday Morning Sports Talk. Topic: How did the NFL draft become this huge event, when less than 20 years ago, it was just a passing headline

11:16 A quote about me, "Disappointment and Despair. You are a Double D cup."

12:36 Cleaning downstairs shower. I thought bon-ami was supposed to give you a "high". All I have is a headache.

13:17 I think I will mix ammonia and bleach. Thank you, "source of really bad ideas".

13:48 Allergies have flourished because of the "deficit of bacteria in modern living". Let your children play in swill.

14:41 Another purge related outdoor fire. Winds died down, so I went for it. Naturally the winds picked up mid-fire. Survived.

15:00 Watching Leo live talk to a chat room…

15:08 Snowing! Melting on contact.

15:53 I really should move the computer out of the living room. I think viewers of my house may think it a bit… tacky.

15:55 I shall move the computer now… going down…

19:22 Moving main desktop computer into the basement-COMPLETE. Now catching up on Cranky Geeks, missed a couple of episodes.

19:24 When is Malt-O-Meal going to start making Apple Cinnamon Cheerios again. I ask you.

19:43 I should walk over to the neighbors and pay the water bill before it gets dark. Oh, and perhaps I should put on pants.

23:18 Just swapped out the front door’s latch. Way harder than it should of been. I had an all out pout-fest at one point. Home ownership sucks.

23:21 School night, should go to bed soon. Lots of cleaning done today, but lots to go. Who wants to help?

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