Daily Tweet Dump

08:36 Well crap. I missed my 2000th twitter post. I was planning a party! Instead I talked about my 1U rackmount case. Lame

08:53 Wow, she was a cuty. tinyurl.com/6f2hgl

10:16 Wired did a cost of ownership analysis between the G1 and IPhone. Winner? G1. is.gd/34ya

10:25 @Ihnatko My favorite hockey fight: Gretsky v Broten. I think this was the only fight for either of them for their careers. is.gd/4yBM

12:44 Rainy drippy day out there. Looks like a house work day. House is a mess, so it works out.

12:46 Living alone means I have to be my own nag. “No video games until you clean the house!”. “OK…”, as I sulk away.

14:04 Looks like a dry slot is heading my way. Might get that jog in later this afternoon. Very fall like out there. Temp in the mid-40s.

14:27 A test fire in the fireplace. I really should of brought in some firewood before the rain started.

14:44 I don’t feel quite as guilty about running my power hungry computers in the winter. The waste heat goes to heating my house.

18:39 2.9 mile run – connect.garmin.com/activity/1154531 . Managed to get the run in before the next wave of rain.

20:57 Feel good song of the moment – is.gd/4AYC – a club cover of a Carpenters song.

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