Daily Tweet Dump

10:54 At the riverview cafe, waiting for my TDIHeater to be installed. There are kids here. Pluses and minuses to a kid friendly coffee joint.

12:00 twitpic.com/hs9b – Bedlam theatre Miss November. Also a friend of mine.

12:14 Made a video while waiting here. Audio didn’t work… tinyurl.com/5f9va7

12:55 Tried another video from the cafe, and was again met with failure… tinyurl.com/5bucd6

17:24 @lonelysandwich Pantaloons?

19:21 5k run – connect.garmin.com/activity/1160095 – 7 days in a row.

20:37 Guilty pleasure. I just bought Peggle Nights. From the fast-furious Geometry Wars, to the slow paced, plink-plunk of Peggle.

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