Daily Tweet Dump

08:35 Startribune endorses Herbert Hoover for president. blogs2.startribune.com/blogs/oldnews/archives/255

08:38 Sign from 1932, “If You Vote For Any Of These Men You Are Licking The Boot That Kicked You.” Men = Republicans in this case.

10:42 @Lileks When you are chasing your garbage can in 40 mph gales, you may think differently.

12:41 @chalain I just did that. I purchased Spore, then I downloaded the crack so I didn’t have install secuROM.

15:27 @martinsargent Keep the dobber up. Keep us abreast on your next exciting adventure. Don’t get hit by a bus.

17:31 Blu-ray can bite me. I have audio, but no video. HD-DVD works fine.

17:57 Problem solved. Needed an update to PowerDVD.

18:59 5k run – connect.garmin.com/activity/1194362

19:01 The 5k run from yesterday – connect.garmin.com/activity/1180556 – yessery, 11 days in a row.

19:02 Layoffs at revision 3. Internet Superstar is no more. A moment of silence.

21:09 Rev3 employee that ejected 9 months ago, blogs about the current Rev3 layoffs. Some reality… tinyurl.com/6j68hl

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