Daily Tweet Dump

14:46 My 1U rackmount is too loud. I think I will move the server back into the previous case. The linux system will be moved into the 1U.

14:48 ♫♫ New @ylnt ♫♫ – xrl.us/YLNTe22

15:50 5k run – tinyurl.com/5zoapb

15:55 @randytayler I’m not worried – is.gd/4zpi

17:12 S&P500 rose over 10% today. Now for the inevitable swing the other way. Way too much manic/depression in the markets.

18:20 Cool new site called youtube – tinyurl.com/2h9tp6

19:42 Building A 6th computer. I have no idea what I will use it for. Loading Vista for now. Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex later?

20:28 The first ever youtube video is actually kinda funny – tinyurl.com/poonr

21:43 Possible use for 6th computer. Podcast and IPTV auto-downloader. Hookup the Drobo for storage. ‘Tis an idea.

22:23 The Drobo uses about 17 watts at idle. The new computer uses about 40 watts. So that is nearly 60 watts being sucked down 24/7. Not good.

22:27 According to this calulator, I need 2890 callories to maintain my current weight. is.gd/54wy

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