Daily Tweet Dump

04:20 I don’t listen to polls, I go by lawn signs. So get ready for President Remax.

14:01 Just got a paypal receipt for something i didn’t buy. Transaction isn’t in my paypal history. A scam, but I don’t know how it works.

16:49 @jayspeiden Start composing your manifesto, very cathartic. Best place is a 150 sq ft trailer in a redwood forest.

17:05 Still have the angry/jealous knee. No running again today. Hit the rake.

18:35 Who would of thunk that Opie would grow up to be a terrorist-loving commie. is.gd/57Pt

18:36 Such a slacker. Only 75 minutes of raking this evening.

19:09 Well, $110 and a few weeks later, my ASUS c90s is back in service. The replacement video module worked.

19:28 Downloading Ubuntu 8.10 currently. I have no idea what they updated from the previous major release.

19:40 Just ran 3dmark05 to test the new vid module – 6083 was the score. The fans don’t seem to be as loud. I wonder if it is running cooler.

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