Daily Tweet Dump

09:11 Oddity Faire – Les Claypool ff.im/1D2W5

09:22 Couple of vids from last night – Claypool – is.gd/obZr … Devotchka – is.gd/obZO.

09:36 RT @thurrott: Twhirl maker Seismic has a Facebook AIR app ( is.gd/nluB ) … looks OK. But why isn’t this just part of Twhirl?

11:28 Copying over my Steam apps, 48.6 GB, over to the mini. Nice having a gigabit lan for jobs like this.

11:43 1493 3dmark03 score for the mac mini. Yuk.

12:47 @jimgaffigan You better learn, twittering is a fundamental skill… like eating and wiping your ass.

14:38 Using hair clippers to trim cat claw damage to chair. Working!

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