Daily Tweet Dump

11:00 Mac Mini in Living Room ff.im/1EfNp

12:13 RT @rainnwilson: SIZE MATTERS! Make those teeny tiny wimpy URLs really get her attention at EnormousURL.com

15:06 One Third Marathon – connect.garmin.com/activity/2676304.

21:12 Always fun having a garbage bag explode, and releasing it’s wonderful odors. Now where did I put those aroma candles.

22:29 @god Is it wrong to use a crucifix as bling?

23:02 @Zenkitty714 No you don’t. Shoosh your mouth!

2 Replies to “Daily Tweet Dump”

    1. No, I don’t have cows wandering my street, just making up crap. I do live near a cow pasture. I was down wind of it during a thaw out day. Rather stinky that day. Also what brought this up was my friend’s job is on the verge of being outsourced by employees from India. The cows being sacred there also lead to that post.

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