Daily Tweet Dump

06:18 If there is a zombie uprising in your cube farm, you definitely want a Model M keyboard to defend yourself. www.clickykeyboards.com/

11:58 @hodgman Correct size? Correct gender? Correct species?

13:48 My housing development is also a cow sanctuary. Cows wandering the streets give our community a unique character. Also a unique odor.

14:10 Cousin, Howard Tayler, is up for a Hugo… is.gd/oreX. I like how he is the only nominee that did everything (story & art).

18:46 Just cleaned the bathrooms. May have found my retirement career.

19:06 Watching – kevinpollakschatshow.com/.

22:22 Got another DeVotchka collection, this one is 2003’s “Una Volta”. Damn, there is some talent there. Search up DeVotchka on last.fm and Imeem

22:35 @kevinpollak Good times… thanks.

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