Daily Tweet Dump

08:46 I shall declare today as ice back in day for my pond. Cripes, look thick enough to walk on.

09:24 @Lileks We predict hydrometeors all the time.

10:16 Following the flood on Twitter – tinyurl.com/cls5hr

15:50 @scottsimpson No pleats here, much to the chagrin of my employer. In mpls?

15:57 @am1500KSTP Joe is such a bad-ass rebel. {snurk}

16:28 Kurt took “Which color is your aura?” quiz and the result is clear! You have no aura you soulless bastard. Clears are the most empty, vacan

19:45 RT | @hotdogsladies thinks you should consider abandoning that third-person present-tense verb idiom you picked up on Facebook.

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