Daily Tweet Dump

06:27 RT @sween: And does the clown dentist have to wear full makeup or is the red nose and ball gag sufficient?

06:38 RT @badbanana: Looks like there’s no way to stop Hollywood from making two more Terminator movies. Unless you’re thinking what I’m thinking.

06:40 4-8 inches with winds gusting to 30 mph… and we’re not even in the worst path of the storm.

08:29 Hrrumph. December doesn’t seem very El-Nino-like. Looks like at or below normal temps. I blame the Methodists. #fb

09:06 RT @Lileks: Writing wx copy for broadcast; no one wants to use my suggested term for the immiment blizzard, “raging albino crapfest.” #fb

10:06 brizzly.com. Twitter/Facebook web app works wonderfully in Google Chrome. Facebook without the ads is worth it alone. #fb

22:13 @Zenkitty714 I closed all of my heat vents in the basement… letting it go cold. Staying upstairs.

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