Daily Tweet Dump

04:20 Feeling clever. Have the weather model computer turning on, doing a model run, then shutting off. So green – home.zoyx.com/wrf/ #fb

12:31 RT @tinybuddha: “Instead of complaining that the rose bush is full of thorns, be happy the thorn bush has roses.” ~Proverb

12:33 As I sit in my upside down car in this ditch, the snow is so pretty and white! … {sigh} proverb is not working for me.

14:50 @weathertom @bigteebo I’m a fibber… safely home. I probably should stop with the tall tales.

15:28 RT @badbanana: “Obama better do something about this snow problem.” #fb

15:54 Gopher coach Brewster may leave for Kansas? Nooooooo!!! Who will coach us to Insight Bowl losses?

19:38 You knew this was coming – Best of 2009, Auto-tuned – bit.ly/4tmCmX

19:43 RT @hotdogsladies: “I love music, have cool friends, and really enjoy life. So, I’d be useless as a music critic.”

19:48 Checking the 2 stage snow blower. A bit stuck, but got it working. Related note: Anyone know a good prosthesis designer? #fb

20:43 @spartalacrosse On the bright side, you will have the road to yourself!

22:45 Preemptive snow blowing complete. Only 2-3 inches on the driveway, but 2-3 inches I won’t have to deal with at 4 AM. #fb

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