Daily Tweet Dump

05:20 I’m Alive! #fb

09:48 95 days until switch to DST. 1st winter milestone passes today. Sunsets start getting later after today. Sorry, no Tiger Woods joke here.#fb

10:05 Gretchen Carlson Dumbs Down – bit.ly/4QKHjN – She’s from MN, dontcha know.

10:09 @RandyTayler Start by reading about the analemma – bit.ly/83tRIQ – Sunrise/Sunset will both be getting later from now til Jan 1st.

11:04 @youngamerican BoooooF! Why would someone change their name to something synonymous with anal intercourse… Oh, maybe that’s it.

11:21 @Zenkitty714 @RandyTayler – Dec 9 is the date for my house. Varies for different latitudes. Check here – bit.ly/6KHe5x

15:04 Just ran DNS benchmark – bit.ly/5PFz8u – OpenDNS wins! (for me). Google public DNS came in a close 2nd.#fb

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