Daily Tweet Dump

10:45 Watching HGTV. Brilliant! I’m carpeting the ceiling. #fb

12:36 Just uploaded close to 500 images to my flickr account. Enjoy! www.flickr.com/photos/25537037@N07/

12:42 Nitzer Ebb reunion album about to come out – bit.ly/54a0Xu – something old from them – bit.ly/7huvYx #fb

18:50 Insert coin. Long live GORF!

19:03 Project 2 of the day complete. Put Mame computer inside of an actual computer case. #fb

19:05 Watched/listened to this while doing the computer assembly – bit.ly/5YIbYd – good background entertainment. #fb

19:49 Activated new cell phone. Oh look, 3 voice mails I never received. One over a week old. I hate cell phones. #fb

22:45 Posting from fone. ClevAr is I. #fb post.ly/EqB5

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