Marathon Snippets

Still don’t have a full blown anecdote from Grandmas Marathon, just quick blurbs. Here yah go.

1) Me and whats-her-name (I will at least make an attempt anonymity), pushed up to the front so we were with the 3:50 pace crowd at the start. We then ran the first 3 miles or so, having whole bunches of people pass us.

2) At around mile 4 or 5, we saw one of the Kenyan’s (race number 1) sitting on the sideline, looking rather glum. Must of had a mild injury that wouldn’t allow him to run. At this point we are just doing on and off running… mainly on the downhills.

3) I was supposed to run into friends at mile marker 9. Either we were too slow, or they left too early… take your pick.

4) Me and whats-her-name had a race to the half-marathon marker. I won. She then called me a “rat bastard”. The people watching all this got a good chuckle including me. She later explained that she has this problem with saying things she means to keep to herself. So she only meant to think that I was a “rat-bastard”. What a bitch 😉 ! The last half of the marathon we walked almost exclusively.

5) We then hooked up with some people. Some of these people whats-her-name knew from other marathons. We also hooked up with Bob, a professor at one of the local colleges. Bob hung around the longest, he did the last 6 miles with us. I am assuming he was in his 50s. One of the cooler guys you’ll ever meet. I don’t think he said an unkind word the entire time.

6) I finished strong. Even though I had a whole lot of pain in my legs and sore blisters on the soles of my feet, I got a pretty good sprint at the end. This was really weird. It went from, “let’s see if I can run” to, “this isn’t so bad, let’s crank it up a bit”, to “full speed ahead”. I’m guessing I was doing a 6 to 7 minute mile pace at the finish.

7) I got my free beer at the end, and then hung around with whats-her-name and her husband for a half hour after the race, then I went home. I had to hobble a half mile to get to my car. My legs were tightening up big time at this point. This walk was much harder than when I was in the marathon.

Thats all can recall at the moment… maybe I’ll add stuff as I get flashbacks.

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