A find

While picking through crap for my move, I found the box to an old dot matrix printer. This box was inside of another box, so it has been hidden for at least 6 years there. The printer it contained has long since been thrown out. At the bottom of the box I found an old print out.

…. drum roll please….

The print out was of almost all of my old programs that I coded back in 8th and 9th grade on my fathers old TRS-80. Just a quick glimpse, I saw the horse race game, a football game that emulated the old Mattel hand held, a biorhythm program, a text-based boxing game, a shooter game, etc. There are more than one TRS-80 emulators out there for the PC. All I have to do is retype these suckers and then I can relive those old memories. Maybe force some other people to live through those memories also.

Meanwhile, my aches and pains from the run/walk are being replaced by the body aches and sore throat of a cold. That makes midnight shifts suck that much more. Luckily the weather is relatively benign, just the possibility of frost.

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