Tree Stump

The stump chipper dude is here. The future owner of this house hired out this guy to remove this stump. Note this is not just one tree stump but three (there is one more hidden behind the two shown). I had a guy come out and give me a quote on removing (not chipping) the stump. He estimated $300-500. Apparently this guy is going to chip it out for less than $100. By the way, this stump is not on my land, it is owned by the county. In a weird deal I rent the 40′ by 80′ lot for $35 a year. The future owner had to get permission from the county to remove this stump – just like I had to get permission to cut them down. These trees were Willows of some sort, they were dieing and on the verge of falling over onto mine and a neighbors property. I will post an after picture when the guy is done.

The after picture around 9:30 am. I wonder who is going to clean up the piles of dirt and chips?

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