I’m healed

This the first day that I can say I am fully recovered from the marathon run/walk. I was able to do a 2 mile run this afternoon, plus I was able to go up and down stairs with no hint of pain. So it takes 5 days. When is my next marathon?

Closing is tomorrow and I don’t think the closing company has finished the paperwork yet. Apparently there is another person with the same name as me, doing bad things. The one call I got from the closing company today was whether or not I had committed any criminal offenses. That would be no. I guess I have to sign off on that.

I did a lot of packing and taking things apart today. I took apart both futon frames and the old dining room table (belonged to my grandparents). I will be sleeping on the floor tonight. This may be my last night in this house! Let’s hope so. I still have plenty of days in this house. I have to move all of the big cumbersome stuff next Wednesday. I am also dreading the post-move clean up.

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