Cold is Back

You know that post-nasal drip that I had around Wednesday… the drip causing that sore throat. It is now a full frontal drip. I need a bib.

I left work an hour early today, and I may do the same on Sunday if I feel just as crummy. I think I was carrying this bug for some time and the virus was waiting for my immune system to take a dip. Doing the marathon provided that dip.

I decided not to sleep at the new house this weekend. Main reason? No internet there yet. That won’t be hooked up until Tuesday morning. My first night will be Monday night. This is to ensure that I am there when MediaCom shows up Tuesday morning. Also my phone doesn’t get fired up until Monday.

Quote of the day from a real-estate agent yesterday during my closing – “Certainly people don’t move to Duluth for the weather”.

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  1. Actually, some people DO

    Actually, some people DO move to Duluth for the weather. It’s consistently cooler there in the summers.

    Granted, that means less sunning-yourself-outside time, but some folks don’t like that. Some people just don’t want to have to pay for AC.


    1. Re: Actually, some people DO

      Yep they do. We call those folks, “outliers”. It is kind of weird, the people in Duluth, in general, do not complain about the snow and cold of winter. Down in the cities, every snow storm is an excuse to bitch.

      My friends wife hates the sun. She tries to only go outside on cloudy days. I think the reason is very sensitive skin.

      We have had one of the more miserable May/June combo as far as weather in Duluth. We have yet to hit 80 degrees officially here. People are a little unhappy about that. Average high is 73.

      I didn’t have an air conditioning, except for a small window air conditoiner for my bedroom at my old house. The Hermantown house will have full house air conditoning.

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