I have internet again. Last night was the first night at the new place. I somehow, someway survived without internet access. The tech guy from MediaCom just left and I now have internet. I feel normal again.

I asked the tech if MediaCom blocks any ports. He didn’t know. He said he has installed hundreds of internet connection for MediaCom and I was the first to ask that question. Does that count as a “geek moment”?

The previous owner left his Dish Network receiver and dish for me. Not only did it work, but it had a live card in it. Hmmm, either he forgot to cancel his account, Dish Network forgot to disable the card, or this is a special Canadian card (if you get my drift). I don’t think I will investigate, ignorance is probably the best move here.

The acoustics are great in here. The living room is all wood with a vaulted ceiling. Music and the Football Badger site sound so much richer compared to the small living room I had at the old place.

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