The Ice-Maker Works!

You heard right my friends, I have a working ice maker. The previous owner bought a new fridge for the house before moving, but didn’t hook up the ice maker. I thought I was going to have to run a new line myself, but I pulled out the fridge, and there was a line already there. I went downstairs, and sure enough, there was the tap into one of the pipes. All I had to do was connect the fridge, then turn it on.

So the first step was to connect the fridge up to this line, and then put a bucket underneath the connection in case it leaked on me. I then went downstairs and turned on the tap. Oops, the tap started to leak, so I put a cooler underneath to collect the water coming from the tap. I then ran upstairs, sure enough, it was leaking from the connection to the fridge as well. I discovered I did the connector wrong, so I redid that and got it so the fridge connection was leak free. Then I turned off the main water valve and went to work on the tap. What I did here was take it apart, glob some tub caulk inside, then put it back together. After letting it sit for a few hours, I turned it back on and no leak! Wasn’t too long later the fridge was kicking out ice. I am just oozing manliness right now. I need a beer.

All right, more Ministry. I looked up another interview with Alain Jourgenson. In there he mentioned that after he kicked his heroin addiction, he immediately began to balloon up in weight. He said that one of the main reasons addicts go back to using is because of the weight gain. To use his words, “When you’re a heroin addict for almost twenty years and you go cold turkey, your metabolism freaks out”. He said he gained and then managed to lose 35 lbs.

Some claim that drugs help artists be more creative. Alain seems to be an example of that being wrong. His latest couple of CDs are better than the two previous ‘under the influence’ releases. He also has a much better work ethic. Like I mentioned before, it looks like he will have 4 music CDs released in about an 18 month period.

Oh, one more thing Alain has done recently is some of the background music for the video game, “Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines“. Busy, Busy boy.

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