Time to Get Serious

Hopped on the scale a couple days back, and I was up to 218 lbs. No good. So we shall have to get going on this losing weight thing if we want to avoid totally blimping out this winter. I go on a losing weight binge once every 2 or 3 years. This is how I look now (me = foreground) and here is how I looked at the end of my last diet two and half years ago. I was down to 190 lbs. in June of 2002. Guess which version of me I would prefer to look like.

Besides dieting, I think this time around I will do some strength training. I will probably go out and buy one of those crossbows or bowflexes and give that a try. I took a weight lifting course in college and actually put on some muscle bulk during that 10 week period. Didn’t keep it up though, obviously.

Since I am showing pictures, here is a picture of me back in 1978 (I’m about 13,14 years old). Ahh, to have the metabolism of a teenager. Sorry for the blurry picture. My dads camera at the time sucked. I am outstanding in a field in eastern South Dakota, on our way to the Black Hills in western South Dakota.

Update: This post worked me up to such a frenzy that I went and ordered a CrossBar Max. Now the question of the day is, will I use the thing when it arrives.

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