Moment of Stupidity

I was driving down my old road where I was raised. It’s no longer a country dirt road, they have paved it with full shoulders. The speed limit is now 50 mph, making it more of a highway now.

I noticed a shrine on the side of the road. There were spray painted dashes on the road that the cops had put there to mark the final path. Someone had died a quarter of a mile from my childhood home. I pulled over and wrote down the name on the shrine. When I got to my sisters house, I “googled” the name. I came up with this news story. A story that brings back memories for me. A teenager, just out of high school, partying with a buddy with a little too much alcohol in the system, meet a tragic end.

That’s how my best friend from childhood died 20 years ago (July 1984). Although his accident occurred across the St. Croix river in Hudson Wisconsin. He and a friend were out partying in Hudson. The drinking age in Wisconsin at the time was 18, so they were hitting bars. They decided to head back home early instead of hanging around town to sober up. The driver passed out at the wheel, swerved, and started the car tumbling. That was all she wrote.

In a small coincidence, I saw the movie, “The Butterfly Effect” for the first time last night. Of course, the thought that was going on in my mind while watching this movie – “What things would I attempt to correct if I could jump into the body of my younger self?” This event was on the top of the list.

I doubt my friend would of been a superstar in his life. With the family and friends network he had, he would of been a productive person in this world. Plus it would be nice if I could hang out with him every once in while as well. Hard to find good friends like that.

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