America is a Ticking Time Bomb… Look Out!!!

Straight from the Weekly World News

… of disasters waiting to happen!

Millions of unsuspecting Americans are at risk of dying suddenly and without warning in one of five looming natural disasters that nobody ever talks about but scientists agree “are ticking time bombs just waiting to happen.”

According to an article in the scholarly journal Nature and Paradigm, they are:

1) The Great Georgia Earthquake.

When the little known but potentially devastating Atlanta fault finally cracks, say scientists, the state “will implode and vanish” into a smoking hole.

Chances of survival, the experts warn, are poor. On a high note, people living in eastern Alabama will find themselves with oceanfront views they once had to drive to Georgia to see.

RISK FACTOR: Could blow any day.

2) Michigan’s Stealth Volcano.

Known to researchers as one of only two flattop volcanoes on Earth, this strange geologic anomaly has the power to blow half of Detroit into orbit while burying the other half in molten lava and millions of tons of ash and debris.

RISK FACTOR: 90 percent chance volcano will blow before 2008.

Oddly enough, the second “hidden volcano” is positioned directly under Athens, Ga. But the wild and woolly college town is at far less risk than Detroit, say seismologists, because the Atlanta fault is almost sure to get it first.

3) Arizona Vortex Storms.

Bizarre energy vortices that are believed by many to create strange psychic and supernatural energies in and around the city of Sedona, Ariz., are, in fact, increasing in intensity — and are expected to spin out of control this year.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has privately warned key government officials that just one revved-up vortex could suck buildings, cars, people and pets into strange new worlds and dimensions that we know nothing about.

Slow-moving senior citizens and tots probably will get the worst of it, at least early on.

RISK FACTOR: Storms will start slowly this summer, taking out the kids and old folks, and will increase in power throughout the year. Arizona will be hardest hit, although rogue vortices could range throughout the Southwest.

“Not a bad idea for people living in Sedona, at least, to get out now,” Nature and Paradigm warns.

4) Heartland Super Tornadoes.

The monster twisters that are expected to rake and ravage America’s Midwest later this year will be natural — but the cause won’t be.

Climatologists and physicists agree that the blame rests on unprecedented levels of electromagnetic radiation, pulsing off high-voltage power lines that are being used to send electricity to California.

RISK FACTOR: High; storms are imminent. And unlike ordinary tornadoes that last only a few minutes, super twisters will mimic hurricanes, often lasting for days and even backtracking to lay waste to trailer parks and other spots they missed on the first go-round, the scientists warn.

5) Bigfoot Rampage.

The Pacific Northwest is primed and ready for an explosion in Bigfoot attacks as loggers strip the land of natural cover, forcing the elusive and potentially murderous creatures into towns and neighborhoods in search of mates and something to eat and drink.

RISK FACTOR: Moderate now but increasing through 2010, say cryptozoologists who study the creatures.

“Everyone pays attention to highly publicized danger spots like California’s San Andreas fault, which puts Los Angeles at risk of big earthquakes, and Mount St. Helens, the famous volcano in Washington State,” says Dr. Vince Padders, a Washington- based risk-management expert.

“I understand that government officials don’t want to cause a panic or scare people for the sake of scaring them.

“But it seems to me that people should be told when their lives are in danger.

“No, not everybody in Georgia can afford to evacuate before the state collapses under its own weight. But at least they can prepare themselves for just such an eventuality.

“At least they can make their peace with God,” he says, “and prepare for the end.”

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