Veni, Vidi, volo in domum redire

I came, I saw, I want to go home.

Good news, I finished the marathon today… in 6.5 hours (I ran under that assumed name). Bad news, I am in pain.

I don’t think I am driving down to the cities this evening. My legs, especially my lower shins, don’t want me to move, at least very fast. I will see if I am up to driving bright and early tomorrow morning. The open house starts at noon.

I recommend training for these and not going in cold like I did, even if you are just walking. I am sure I would be feeling loads better if had put in a couple of 10 miles runs or even a 20 mile walk in before this.

Maybe I’ll put together a good anecdote or two for the next post. Can’t seem to piece one together right now. The only thing on my mind… pain.

Cat Puke

I need to give out a topic of discussion for the weekend.

Why do cats puke on the carpet instead of on the vinyl floor?


Quick Update

Between moving and all of the other events planned for the weekend, I will not have time to update this for the next few days. If I do update this weekend, it will probably mean something didn’t go as planned.

Marathon Man

Looks like I will be “running” Grandmas Marathon. A friend’s husband decided to skip it, so I am going to claim his spot. Should be fun, especially considering I have done next to no training for it. I did a 4 mile beach run after work today to see how the legs felt. It went OK. I should be able to finish in under the 6 hour limit with only mild pain. Hope my tits don’t bleed.

For those that missed it, I ran the half marathon last year. That one I trained for. I was disappointed in the results, considering the time I put into it. I swore off training for runs after that. Now I will run for fun and to keep in shape.

Suddenly Summer

I slept with some windows open for the first time this summer last night. I will be doing this again tonight.This is remarkable considering it didn’t get above 50 on Friday. I went to bed last night with the main floor temperature at 78. It only fell to around 73 by morning.

Thanks to the past few days being sunny, I now have some color to my skin. In fact, I have a crimson nape as I type.

I did some more moving related activities today. I won’t bore you with the details.

You know what, I think I will just go to bed. You don’t need to know about my gastro-intestinal issues I had in the afternoon anyway. That would definitely fall into the, “too much information” zone.

Good night.

Plunge Ahead

Woke up sore from the active day I had yesterday. An Ibuprofen did the trick.

Stuff I’ve done so far as far as moving? Besides selling and giving stuff away, I disassembled the beds in the spare bedrooms, I packed up the glassware in the kitchen, and packed up the spa-in-a-box back into its box. I am kind of stuck until I get more boxes, they will be arriving shortly from the co-worker.

I saw Kill Bill Vol. 1 on my new big screen set up. Wonderful romp of a movie. Silly plot, silly over the top violence, great action. I now wish I had seen it on the really big screen. I now must see vol. 2.

I did a 32 mile bike hike today (16 miles one way). Did the Munger trail. I started in Carlton and went west. The trail is paved. In going west intially, I was heading into the wind. A good plan considering coming back was with the wind. My legs thanked me for that.

Nothing else to say. So feel free to read this forum thread I started. It is entitled, “Yard Gnomes“. Enjoy!!

Oh the News

Lots of stuff today!! It started with the Park Point rummage sale. Four miles of crap, all for the taking. I participated. I brought forward a lazy boy chair, queen-sized mattress, a pair of Bose bookcase speakers, a couple of desk chairs, a dresser and a box full kitchen utensils. That was it, and now it is all gone. I was only out there for 2.5 hours. Actually I gave the lazy boy and the mattress to my neighbor to sell. I didn’t feel like sitting out there on what turned out to be a gloriously, shiny day.

So at noon, a close up shop and go on down the street to see what junk my neighbors had for sale. Nothing stuck out. I was on the look out for some yard gnomes. I need some yard gnomes for my future house. Lots of them. My goal is to make my new neighbors as envious as possible.

On my walk, I noticed a water main break. Actually lots of other people noticed this break also, since it had been broke for some time. Since the street was wall to wall cars and people, the city of Duluth decided to let it go. They would of had to close up half the street in order to fix this. This would of made the traffic snarl, that much worse. When I went for my jog around dusk, the water was still bubbling up.

After I got back from rummaging, I went to work on my next project. I made a projection screen for my projector. I took some 1 x 2s and some corner braces and slapped together a 4 foot by 6 foot frame. I then took a Martha Stewart twin-sized white sheet I bought at K-mart and stapled it to the frame. Voila, instant screen.

To celebrate this event, I watched “Gattaca“. I had watched “Monsters, Inc.” for the first time last night. There is an interesting connection between the two movies. In both movies, the supervisor is the one that turns out to be the one committing the major crime. This just confirms my suspicion that managers and supervisors are indeed evil.

I went out for a kayak hike during the late afternoon. We had weak winds at my place, so that usually means that the Big Lake has relatively calm seas. Nope… the lake breeze (an east wind) had kicked in and there were two footers coming in. Okay, so maybe the lake breeze shoots all the way across the point and the waves on the bay side or coming down. Nope…still a gusty southwest wind providing a healthy chop. The point is only a half mile wide at my location. That means there was a pretty strong convergence zone right about over my house. I decided to fight the chop on the bay side. I prefer calm seas because then I can enjoy the view instead of concentrating on the waves.

I then go for a quick jog. I murdered a duck during this jog. In front of me, two drakes were trying to do the nasty (rape?) to some poor duck on the shoulder of the road ahead of me. As I approach, I clap my hands and make a bunch of racket. The duck and one of the drakes fly to the near side of the street. The retarded drake decided to fly across the street – right into an SUV. I didn’t see the actual collision, it happened behind me. I heard the thud. I then looked back and there was mound of flesh and feathers in the middle of the street. Hopefully I was doing Darwin’s work.

Lots of stuff

I have purchase agreements for both the current house, and a new house. The closing date for the new house is June 25. I already have financing set up. It was fun to hear from the agent, “you have impeccable credit”.

The closing for the current house will be 4 weeks later. So that is a 4 week window to get my stuff over to the new house and get the old house cleaned up. I will start packing right away. The new co-worker has a bunch of moving boxes left over from her recent move, so that’s taken care of. I should be able to do this move by myself, except for the heavy stuff. I will hire one of those two guys and a truck type outfits to do that. The goal is to have everything moved by the 4th of July.

So two days after I get this signed purchase agreement, this job in Farmington, MN pops up. I would very much like to get this job. One problem. The FAA is thinking of reorganizing their weather units and the Farmington unit is expected to be dissolved. Why the heck are they bidding out this job is a mystery. It is likely that the person who gets this job will end moving again a year or so later. Soooo, unless I get some kind of guarantee that the Farmington unit will stay intact, I will not be applying for this job.

The street long rummage sale started this morning at 8 AM. It is cool and cloudy with some sprinkles. I would like to get rid of some stuff so I don’t have to move it. But I don’t feel like moving it outside in this weather. The weather is supposed to be dryer Saturday, so I will probably use that day to ditch my junk. Even though there is some traffic from people looking for bargains, looks like most of my neighbors are deciding to hold off on setting up as well.

New toy! You’d think with a move coming up, I would hold off on the new toys. Nope. I bought a BenQ PB6100 projector. Now I have some big screen TV goodness. This projector will also work for playing PC games. I can’t call the picture quality excellent, maybe “very good”. The picture is certainly bright enough, even during daylight hours (shades need to be pulled down). There is some subtle pixelation that can be seen, but there aren’t any “rainbows” that can be visible on some projectors.

Damn cat. I let him out at 830 am yesterday morning. I had to leave for work at 2 PM, but no cat. I hate this because now I will be worrying about this cat the entire time I’m at work. When I get home from work at 1230 AM that night, there he is to greet me. Damn cat.


I few days back. A guy in an armored bulldozer went on a rampage in Granby, CO. Some people are trying to turn this guy into a hero. I think this man was an irrational idiot.

I just rebooted my game server after 47 consecutive days of being on. The server’s operating system is Windows 2000 Server. I have been told you are not supposed to let Windows 2000 run longer than a week without a reboot or bad things will happen. I didn’t see any bad things happen during those 47 days. I guess it depends on the software you run.

The Minnesota Twins are only a game out of first place, even though they have only won 6 out their last 17 games. They were 3 games up before this slide began. It pays to be in a weak division.

The Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup. So much for that 12 year hex they were going through. I was beginning to have my doubts they would ever win a Stanley Cup.

The Twin Cities (150 miles south of me) had a record high temperature of 95 degrees yesterday. At my house, we managed to hit 50 degrees.

I have all sorts of comments to make about my house hunting venture, but it probably would be prudent if I were to just shut the {bleep} up for a little bit concerning this topic.

No more Reagan

My condolences to Ronald Reagan’s near and dear. He was probably a nice guy in person and his intentions, for the most part were sincere.

My view of his presidency? He is the reason why I am no longer a conservative. I voted for him in 1984. Something I now regret.

He sold out the old school conservatives on a few important accounts. He tried to legislate the bedroom and he was not fiscally responsible.

Pure conservatives believe in a small government that does not intrude on individual rights. The government grew during his watch. Small government was one of the selling points of conservatism over liberalism. He betrayed this stance.

The annual budget consistently grew during his administration. Old school conservatives firmly believed in a balanced budget. It wasn’t until a democrat got in office that the annual deficit was erased. The exact opposite of what the two sides are supposed to represent.

Two of his major accomplishments, downfall of the communist block, and the economic recovery, were at the cost of the budget. You can argue that the strong defense, due to extreme defense spending is why the communists threw in the towel. Actually communist Russia was imploding just fine, no prodding from the US was really necessary. It just took the old Russian guard to die off and the next generation of Communist leaders to see the light.

The economic recovery will come when you have deficit spending to the degree the US had during his watch.

It is really too bad, because Reagan was an old school conservative. Unfortunately he listened too much to special interests. This, in my eyes, was a sign of weakness. I don’t believe Reagan was the strong person that people make him out to me. He wanted to be president so badly that he sold out his belief system.