Lack of Updates

You are probably concerned why there was this little lull in the updates.

Everything is all right, baby’s coming back!


Way back when, I gave a little review of the 1990 CD, “Gub” by Pigface. This may be a shocker, but I am not the only one that questioned the artistic validity of this project. One of the members of the project also thought that some of the stuff on that CD was utter rubbish. Here is an interesting read, an interview with Bill Rieflin. A former member of Ministry that also participated in the Pigface project. Here is the portion of the interview that dealt with the formation of Pigface and the making of “Gub”:


What are your memories of having been involved in the earliest incarnations of Pigface?

My memories — good choice of words — because it’s not really living within the present moment. I don’t think much about Pigface. Pigface was in a way — was and definitely is — Martin (Atkin)’s creation. He liked the idea of two drummers together, doing something interesting with that. He liked the idea of doing something that was radically out of control and messy, which is something I can agree to up and to a point. For me, my aesthetic of messy is Birth of a Giant .

So, Martin and I asked Steve Albini if he wanted to go into the studio with us and just basically use all the folks that were on the tour, have them come in and do something very spontaneously. Which we did, and the record Gub came out of it. To its credit, there’s a few interesting things on that record. There’s a few real pieces of crap. We went on tour after that. That’s kind of all that was in it for me.

The song that I have been playing over and over lately is, “Looking at the World from the Bottom of a Well” by Mike Doughty. I have just been firing up WinAmp and setting that song on repeat. My fixation is that bad. You can stream the video if you want to join in on my addiction. 

Lyrics behind the cut

No Writers Block Tonight

I just had a wonderful first date tonight. A nice polite dinner. Nothing too shocking revealed. I was on as good as behavior as can be expected. No “WTF” movies were viewed. We exchanged pleasantries for an hour or so, I nice friendly hug in the parking lot, and we went on our way. We definitely have something we can build on if we so desire.

Frankly, that is just too boring to put in this blog, sorry. So what follows is my embellishment of tonight’s precedings. Enjoy.

I passed along to the Zoyx attorney about my upcoming blind date. In general, first dates are a necessary, albeit boring part of the dating process. So being the mischievous one, the Zoyx attorney had the brilliant idea to spice the evening up. She would pretend to be my jealous lover. Sounded good to me. We then started to plan…

{This is supposed to represent a passage of time, go with it}

I met my date at the restaurant, we shook hands, said our “hello”s, and then we were seated. Five minutes after being seated, my phone vibrates. On cue, it is the Zoyx attorney. She starts yelling at me over the cell phone. I start to wince and have to move the phone away from my ear. She is asking where I am, what am I doing, etc. I am giving polite answers, although, trying not reveal that I am in the company of another woman. I eventually just hang up. I give a polite smile to my date and explain that my sister can be quite vocal at times. She didn’t buy it, which was the intent.

We get our meal and start to chow down. Pleasant conversation has resumed after that little distraction. Then suddenly the Zoyx attorney bursts into the restaurant, scans the place, finds me, bolts over to our table. She yells, “I knew you were up to something, who’s the bitch!”. I sit there dumbfounded, I’m good at that.

She then blurts,”Well I don’t care, have some of this!”. She then takes out a spray bottle of mace and squirts me in the face. One problem, there wasn’t actually supposed to be pepper spray in the bottle, just some water. I start writhing in pain on the floor and everything becomes a blur. The Zoyx attorney bolted, because she thought I was just doing my act. I have no idea what the reaction of my date was, because I was pretty much blind at this time and in the middle of dealing with a personal crisis.

I am helped back to my seat by others, don’t really know who, after the initial burst of pain fades. Still can’t see well (one of my eyes is still swollen shut at this time), but I can see that my date is now no longer there. Our meals we had are spilled all over the place. After relaxing a little while longer, I ask for the check. I pay up and walk out to the car.

I call up the Zoyx attorney and remind her how much of a blond she is. She says someday you will look back at this and laugh. Maybe, but we sure did give someone a good first date anecdote.

You know, I think we should of done that for real. Reading it here, just doesn’t have the same punch.

Making Fun of Computer Noobs

Introducing Judy. She has made a web page all about the inner workings of a home computer. Unfortunately, her knowledge is very mis-guided. What should us members of the internet geek community do next? Mock her, because thats what we computer geeks are best at.

I just checked my magic 8 ball. I asked my magic 8 ball if Judy is blonde. Came back negative. I even checked twice. Huh, could of fooled me.

Dance For Me Cabana Boy

I went to St. Croix Falls for the Wannigan Days street dance Friday Night. The band for the evening was The Dweebs. The highlight of the evening was the crazed, half-drunken phone calls I made to a female friend of mine on my cell phone. Nothing turns a woman on more than the indecipherable ramblings of a lunatic. Well that and perhaps baking them a cake.

I did a bike hike around White Bear Lake and Bald Eagle Lake Saturday Morning. That is 20 miles of bike riding without dieing.

I then went to the Zoyx Attorney’s place for a small party. I saw Napoleon Dynamite for the first time. Tips on picking up chicks I learned from this movie? The first tip is to draw a loving picture of the woman of your desires and then share it, preferably with that very same woman. The second is to learn some funky bad-ass dance moves. Worked for the Village People Cop!

For what happened after this party, see the previous post. Yeah, I know, more reading.

I had a viewing of this condo Sunday Morning. For reference when that link dies, this is a 900 square foot condo near Lake Josephine in Roseville. Soon after that viewing, I heard there is a pending offer. Therefore I doubt I will get that condo. I brought the Zoyx Attorney along for the ride. She tried to give me directions so that I would drive into the lake. So blonde.

I had a golf round with Bob Yates and another friend of his. Damn near killed him. Bob had carted ahead of me on the course. I waved at him to get his attention before I hit my ball. When I did strike the golf ball, it made a straight line for Mr. Yates. Well, almost straight for him, missed him by 2 feet or so. He really didn’t have much time to duck, so if it was more on target, he would of been a goner.

I have no idea why that golf ball did that. I actually like Bob, a big fan actually. I need to find that ball and use it while playing a round with Paul Douglas.

Hey Kids

My sister is up at my place with her husband. I am at my sister’s place upstairs hiding. So in essence, we swapped houses for the night. Why am I hiding? Because my nephew is throwing a party. Downstairs, it is smoke filled, someone has turntables set up in the dining room and some booze is flowing (yes they are 21 or older).

My nephews parents did give permission for this shindig. Why are they not concerned? I’m here. That is actually not worth a whole lot, because I am a libertarian on such things. Let them get blitz and stupid, just don’t kill or injure anyone while doing it. The other ace in the hole is there is a cop living across the street. It is only like 50 ft from front porch to front porch to this neighbors place. This is another strong deterrent to doing something stupid.

By the way, I am having a great weekend. I am holding off on the grand report until this weekend has completed, probably Monday.

My Day

I haven’t done a “Day in Review” type blog entry in awhile. So here is my review of yesterday. Here we go.

• I again listened to Bob Yates on the Mighty 1220. An internet stream is available for your listening pleasure. Looks like Bob has been recognized for another screenplay. This one entitled “Back by Popular Demand”.

• My neighbor had footings poured for his new 3 season porch. One problem, the contractors mis-read the plans and poured them in the wrong spot. They need to be yanked and poured again. Not a good start.

• The furniture that I stowed away during the refinishing of my floor in March… I finally moved them back out into the main living area. I managed to arrange the furniture so it didn’t look cluttered. The reason I was slow in getting the furniture out in the open? I was trying to get that loft project going. Since it doesn’t look like that project will be started in the near future, and I will probably have some visitors over the next couple of weeks, it was time to move the furniture back out.

• I watched the British Open on TNT while I was moving the furniture around. The British Open is my favorite golf tournament to watch. Especially since it is at St. Andrews this year.

• I did a 3 mile run and 1 mile walk during the afternoon.

• The cat enjoyed yesterday. We had “cooler by the lake” in effect yesterday. The lake breeze cooled us into the 70s, while away from the lake, it approached the 90s. So the cat spent almost the entire day outside. He enjoyed watching me shoot baskets. He laid down in the driveway, so I stopped shooting and played, “hit the cat with the basketball”. I had to make it a challenge, so I rolled the basketball up the hill, and tried to hit the cat with the ball as it rolled back down. I only did it once with about 10 trys. Cat seemed to enjoy watching the basketball encircle him.

• I had a beer with GoatGirl last night. It was at the Runway Bar near the airport. Good times and a few giggle fits. I would share our conversation, but unfortunately, most of it isn’t “bloggable”.