Power Driver

Today was a driving day. I drove from Provo, UT to Rapid City, SD. About a 750 mile drive. I didn’t do any site-seeing, but I did see a couple interesting things along the way.

The first thing was on Wyoming highway 487, just a few mile before I reached highway 220. There was a long driveway with a wooden arch at the end that read, “Cheney Ranch”. Could it be THE Cheney Ranch? I have my doubts.

The second interesting sight was a tornado intercept vehicle (TIV). In fact, I am %98.3 sure it was the vehicle shown in this article. I did have the camera handy, so I took a snapshot as I approached the TIV (click on thumb picture). As you can see, this was just before reaching Gillette Wyoming on Highway 59. Here is the picture I snapped as I drove by. Looks like they are keeping score. I wonder what the difference between a black tornado and a red tornado is?

I am now at the Quality Inn in Rapid City. Time to complain.

I tried to connect to their wireless internet. No worky. I just get a progress bar that indicates that Windows is trying its best to connect. I talk to the manager. He claims I am the only one having problems. He seems to have some computer skills so I let him try a few things on my laptop. Still no worky. I give up, and walk over to the Perkins across the street for a late dinner. I overhear a conversation there from another Quality Inn patron, who says that he can’t connect his computer. I quietly fume. After dinner, I waddle back to my room, start up my computer, and presto! I connect.

This was obviously my fault.

Utah Shoots Back When Taunted

I hung out with my cousin, howardtayler today. The thumb picture with this blog is Howard standing next to his drawing table at the Dragon’s Keep.

We played a round of frisbee golf. This was the first round of disc golf that I have ever played. I didn’t keep track of my score, but I suspect it was around bogey golf.

After the round of golf, we hung out at Dragon’s Keep and played a game of Frag. Fun game, I have to recommend it. I know of a couple of friends in Minnesota who may be interested in Frag.

Then it was up to Timpanogos Cave National Monument. That is where todays video was filmed. I was in a bit better shape for the long hike up to the cave entrance than Howard. I guess cartooning and raising a family have that effect on you. This hike involved a climb of over 1,000 feet in 1.5 miles. Fairly intense if your body isn’t set up for it.

After the hike, we took the scenic route back to the house. After the cave and scenery, it was back to the house. Then it was a dinner that couldn’t be beat, cooked up by sandratayler and kids.

We then took the van full of garbage and dumped the junk into the ravine. Unfortunately, Officer Obie, hauled us in for littering. There is a hefty fine to pay for that kids, so I recommend not littering.

More Big Rocks

Today I drove from Fort Collins through Denver to Grand Junction, then up to Provo, UT. The fun video of the day is from Colorado National Monument, just west of Grand Junction, CO. The thumb image associated with this post is also from Colorado National Monument.

Pixie sticks $0.29!!

I made it to North Platte. Actually made it here last night, but the fine folks at my Days Inn took their sweet time in fixing the wireless connection.

But all is good now, and I just had a wonderful day with friends. Much thanks goes to them and their hospitality. The 15 minute tour of North Platte actually takes a couple/three hours. There is some depth to this town. Alright, not that much depth. No threat of drowning here.

Now I am tired. Although I have an incredible desire to buy a napkin dispenser at Wal-mart. For those that don’t know, Wal-mart isn’t your enemy, it is your community friend.

Push – Push – Struggle

Someone on the intraweb has compiled a list of music videos available on YouTube, mostly from the 80s. Do you realize how many hours of time you can waste looking through these videos.

For those that need a refresher on what the 80s were like, here is Killing Joke’s “Eighties”.

I am currently packing up. Bright and early tomorrow, I will be going out west to see the sites and visit people. One of the folks to be visited is howardtayler and sandratayler. This was kind of a spontaneous trip, because I might be moving in July – which would make a trip like this impossible for the rest of the summer.

Wacky Weatherman

Sven Sundgaard brought the family goat to the studio last night for a TV appearance. Here is the blog post about this event. I missed the actual telecast of this great TV moment, since I was in Duluth at the time. The people that did witness this, will probably never see anything like it ever again.

Update: Oh look, a video!

Link o’ Rama

I am playing the game Armadillo Run. I really should be planning for my trip I am going to take in less than week, but this game is far more important. I am through 45 of the 50 levels.

Zoyx Lawyer team has been dwindling. Something about a mission to save the Panda. This crisis may result in having to contract out for all that litigating. Here is one of the law firms in the running. They have blackberries! I like a firm with blackberries.

For men:  Unsightly body hair? Need a new visible inch? Start shaving.

No more warnings. When people hear a warning, they just run to get their video camera, instead of going to their basement anyway. So I agree with that editorial.

Here are the warning signs and symptoms in adults:
    • confused thinking
    • prolonged depression (sadness or irritability)
    • feelings of extreme highs and lows
    • excessive fears, worries and anxieties
    • social withdrawal
    • dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits
    • strong feelings of anger
    • delusions or hallucinations
    • growing inability to cope with daily problems and activities
    • suicidal thoughts
    • denial of obvious problems
    • numerous unexplained physical ailments
    • substance abuse

If you have any of these symptoms, you are going to die.  I don’t have any.  Especially “denial of obvious problems”.

Warning Editorial