The music group, Psapp, has a fun sound. They have some fun animated videos as well. The best video of the bunch is “Hi” (need quicktime) from their latest album. According to my research on the InterTube, Psapp is the founder of the toytronic genre of music. A silly name for a genre, but I’ll go along with it. I do hear a child’s xylophone on some of their songs. Here are some youtube links to view their unique videos – song 1song 2song -3song 4.

But my music video of the year is still, “Fire Engine” by the Revolting Cocks. No one has come close. This song better win a Grammy, dammit.

In Time For the Holidays

The Zoyx Labs are done, and our new body spray is ready for market (click on thumb). The tests on cute, cuddly bunnies over the past month have come back positive. One whiff of this odor and the rabbits were on each other like dogs on poop. I should probably announce that no bunnies were hurt in the testing of our product. Although plenty of Yaks met their maker. Essence of Wild Ox is the key ingredient in our concoction.

So buy yourself a present, fellas. Even if a woman shoots you down with a “I don’t talk to toothless guys with mullets” line, she’ll be all over you with just one inhale of our magic elixir.

ZOYX FUCK SPRAY – They’ll pretty much have to.

Scary Mary

I have been watching WTF movies (Wild at Heart, Twin Peaks, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, etc.) since I started up a Netflix account. This will be the next WTF movie for me to rent…

You Are Being Sniped At Day

You hop on the treadmill for your 20 minute workout. Start up the motor and set it for 6 miles per hour. You are wearing your favorite workout uniform, the spandex Lobster Man uniform you have worn the past three Halloweens. This gets the sweat flowing. You are very proud of how fit you look in your Lobster Man outfit, so you do this work out in front of the large picture window so the whole world can see. The TV is cranked loud so you can hear it over the sound of the treadmill motor.

About eight minutes into your work out, something out of the corner of your eye gets your attention. You look, its not there. Continue working out, then again, a darting image in your peripheral vision. This time you see it. It is a red laser beam light shining into your house. You jump off the treadmill to look outside. There is a black truck down the street, the red light quickly disappears, but not before you see that it is coming from near the hood of the truck.

You grab your cell phone and hit the handy panic button that does a quick dial to your security outfit. With stealth, you move into the attached garage and peer out the garage window. You see the sniper peeking again through the laser sight of the rifle, using the hood of the truck to steady the gun. The sniper is still looking for you in the house. After 7 minutes of watching the gunman look for you in the house, you see a black figure sneak up behind the sniper and put a sleeper hold around the neck. The potential sniper slumps down. The ninja associated with your security network has reported for work.

You rush outside and thank the ninja. The want-to-be assassin awakens. It is the woman who is infatuated with you. She has been sending you e:mails and voice mails since she saw you at the company Halloween party a couple months ago. After hundreds of unanswered communications, she has finally taken this drastic measure to get your attention. She says that her, and only her, is to ever see you in the Lobster Man costume. That is the promise you made at the party. So that is why she was going to take you down to get you to stop displaying what was meant for her eyes only.

You explain to her that you had 6 tequila shots that night and don’t remember that conversation. Also you explain that you had both thrown up and pissed in the costume that night. The ninja steps so he is no longer downwind of you. You then say that you have not washed the costume since then… something about washing quickly ruins this particular type of spandex. The stalker/sniper does not doubt this has she pukes from the smell emanating from you. She then promises to never to try and snipe you again. She then quickly hops in her truck and heads off. You look around and the ninja is no where to be seen.

You go back to your house and finish your exercise.

Happy “You Are Being Sniped At” Day