Month of Mame

One of the video netcasts (Systm) at Revision 3 is going to do 4 episodes surrounding the building of an arcade cabinet. This cabinet will house a PC, monitor, controls, etc. The PC will be loaded up with Mame and associated classic arcade games. They posted the first episode dealing with the building of the cabinet last night. The next three weekly episodes will update the progress of the construction. So think of this as a This Old House series of episodes, but with a geek twist.

I finally went legit with both Rev 3 and the TWiT-casts. I signed up for regular $5/month donations to each of their causes. It’ll be slow, but internet-based shows will become just has economically viable as regular TV.


Remember, remember the 5th of November. The gunpowder, treason, and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.

I plan on having a mini-bonfire tonight, assuming the wind dies down. Fans of fire are welcome to attend. This won’t be a remembrance of the failed attempt at blowing up the Houses of Parliament. Nay, this will be a celebration of my waxing. The burning of the wax (with my attached chest and pubic hair) will be ceremonially thrown into the pyre. Bring weenies!


I was hauling some of the firewood out of the woods that the previous owner left behind. My sensitive back did fine with the hauling of wood. The twinge occurred when I was pulling some nails from leftover pallets. The twinge didn’t hurt at the time, so I kept working. The next morning, the back tightened up and it hurt. Since you are all sick of me crying about my back, I will need to entertain you with a colorful metaphor. The back pain was as if hungry muskrats were trying to dig out my right kidney with forks. No it wasn’t that painful, but certainly more fun to read than me just saying, “waa… waa… my back hurts… waa… waa”.

I downloaded Legends for both Windows and Linux (a game similar to Tribes). The linux version ran better and more cleanly. On Vista I had all sorts of artifacts associated with the outdoor terrain. I sense a conspiracy. This is an openGL game only (no direct3D support), which might be part of the problem. However, I have played other openGL based games on Vista, and not had these problems. Another clue to the conspiracy is found on the Legends download page. There you see a claim that the install is easier on Linux. That would be a bold face lie.

But anyway, a nice effort for a community built game. Unfortunately it doesn’t bring anything new to the table. This game is about on par, graphics and gameplay-wise, with Tribes 2, a game released back in 2001. Not inspiring enough for a mod maker like myself.

Speaking of old games, I am going to a Quake 2 Lan party this weekend. This is to celebrate the ten year anniversary of the release of Quake 2 (released December 6, 1997). I was only 33 years old at the time. Ahhh, to be young again.

So yeah, if you are interested in some retro fun in Golden Valley, feel free to RSVP a slot at the party by sending an email to my gmail account… xenozoyx. Come on… don’t be a pussy.

My Game Development Résumé

From about 1999 through 2002, I made some modifications and maps for various games from that era. The page is offline, but has a fuzzy glimpse into what I did during that time. Here’s the download page, as it looked in 2005. None of the download links work from that archived page, so I am going to make new links for you now.

Ultra mod – Quake 3 – File Planet |
UltraXL mod – Starsiege Tribes – File Planet |
UltraXL mod – Tribes 2 –
Enhanced CTF mod – Tribes 2 – File Planet |
One Flag CTF mod – Starsiege Tribes – File Planet |
Dominate mod – UT99 – File Planet |
Don’t Kill For Love – Quake 3 map – File Planet |
Antidote Kills – Quake 3 map – File Planet |

What brought on this reminiscence? I am keeping tabs on the Ascension game being developed by the folks at RenWerx. This dev team is a big fan of the Tribes series of games. They are making their own free version of a Tribes-like game. They are using the Torque Game Engine, which is a generation or three away from the engine that drove Tribes 2. There is a competing group making a similar game called Legends. I am also keeping an eye on this dev team. They already have early releases of their game.

My grand scheme is to redo the UltraXL mod for one of these new Tribes-like games. Then, if I am happy with the result of the mod, I will then proceed to get my own Torque license, and make my own indie game. The chances of all this falling into place are slim, but it is a fun dream.

Update to My Update

My spine: No pain, just tightness. Received my copy of “Healing Back Pain”. Says I need to get rid of stress and be less emotional. For crissake, how the fuck am I supposed to do that?!

Leaves: Had a windy day yesterday, resulting in a fresh batch of leaves on my lawn. I started over on the raking today. Good exercise for my back, I guess.

Jogging: Did a 5k run yesterday. Legs are feeling better.

Chanhassen job: I lied, job isn’t canceled. The reason I thought this job was done was because they created another position, which would of squeezed this job out of existence. So I assumed no more job opportunity. As you know, after you have assumed, you have made an “ass” out of “u” and “med”. After a few days of not receiving the official notice of cancellation, I made an inquiry. The job is still alive, and has been extended to November 15 (the deadline for applications was August 16). I do know one thing, my application has been forwarded to the selecting official. I have no clue who this person is, however, because this unit I have applied for does not have a “person-in-charge”. This is another job opening that has taken months to fill (since June, I think). I am not telling you the entire story here… not blog-able. Needless to say, very interesting drama going on.

Weight loss: 13 pounds lost total for the year.

Women: Still hate me… well… except maybe one.

Update to the update that updated the update: No more assuming, the position that I applied for has now officially been canceled. I shall now repress my anger at this decision.